Baked goods available at the bakery by pre-order, Carrboro Wednesday and Saturday Marketsand by USPS priority mail delivery.  Biscotti available at Oasis at Carr Mill in Carrboro and Blue Dot Coffee in Pittsboro.  Soft Red Wheat Pastry Flour at the the Southern Village and Hillsborough Weaver Street Market.  Items will vary seasonally, but the Standing Schedule is the basic plan. For more information read my Purchasing Details, become a fan of Box Turtle Bakery on Facebook, or contact me via the email or phone number to the left or my Interest List. --Abraham

Abraham firing the bakery oven

Carrboro Farmers' Market

Piedmont Grown

Saturday July 23rd
  • 1lb Cohen Farm Soft Wheat Hearth Loaves
  • Sourdough Rhymin Dark Rye w/optional Caraway
  • Cohen Farm Honey Wheat Yeast Bread (with optional Cinnamon Raisin) and Rolls
  • Red Tail Grains Red Fife Bread w/optional Walnuts, Apricots, or Olives
  • 100% Oat or Buckwheat round hearth loaves
  • Scones w/Tart Cherries and Walnuts
Dry Goods Available
  • Plain Cracked Oats
  • Biscotti: Chocolate Almond
  • Golden Wheat Crackers
  • Chocolate Barley Pecan Granola

Bakery Blog

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