Baked goods available at the bakery by pre-order, Carrboro Saturday Marketand by USPS priority mail delivery.  Partial selection available at Oasis at Carr Mill in Carrboro, Johnny's Gone Fishing in Carrboro, and Blue Dot Coffee in Pittsboro.  Items will vary seasonally, but the Standing Schedule is the basic plan. For more information read my Purchasing Details, become a fan of Box Turtle Bakery on Facebook, or contact me via the email or phone number to the left or my Interest List. --Abraham


Carrboro Farmers' Market

Piedmont Grown

Saturday January 31st
  • Sourdough Red Fife Hearth Bread w/optional Apricots or Olives, Hearth Rolls, and pan loaves w/optional Walnuts
  • Sourdough Abruzzi Dark Rye w/optional Caraway
  • Sourdough Spelt w/optional Pecans
  • Honey Wheat Bread and Rolls (Canadian Grown Red Fife Wheat for the flour this week - still working on what to transition this bread to!)
  • 100% Buckwheat Rounds baked on the hearth
  • Sourdough Kamut English Muffins
  • Spelt Tortillas
  • Scones and 1lb Rounds w/Blueberries
  • Light Spelt Sandwich Bread w/optional Raisins/Cinnamon
Dry Goods Available
  • Plain Cracked Oats
  • Chocolate Almond and Sweet Potato/Tart Cherry Biscotti
  • Cohen Farm Double-toasted Cracked Soft Wheat Granola Bars w/Sunflower Seeds and Raisins
  • Flour (By pre-order)

Bakery Blog

  • Flour Sifting Most of what I do is whole grain, but I have a couple of sifting screens that I use to either take a little of the bran off or clean ...
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  • Flour Milling in Action All the flour here at Box Turtle Bakery is of course milled fresh.  The Komo Fidibus XL mill turns out about 1lb/minute, but I have to rest it half ...
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  • What would a carbon tax do to a small bakery? Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island put an optimistic view of getting a carbon tax passed in a recent opinion piece.  The Citizen's Climate Lobby is one group I ...
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  • Farm to Fork: 2014 Picnic I will participating in the Farm to Fork picnic on June 8th.  Tickets usually sell out within a few weeks.  I'll be creating a bite or two with Tempeh ...
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  • Taste Testing Added to Washington State Grain Trials The title of this Mother Jones article, Could This Baker Solve the Gluten-Free Mystery?, is a huge over-reach but it describes a very cool and simple addition to ...
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