Box Turtle Bakery Logo  Abraham firing the bakery oven

Baking for Saturday November 20th

  • (Vegan) Sourdough Spelt
    • Pan Loaves with optional Pecans
    • English Muffins w/Cornmeal
    • Hearth Loaves (with optional Olives or Apricots)
  • Honey Wheat Pan loaves with optional Cinnamon Raisin as well as plain rolls
  • (GF) Oat Hearth Loaves or Buckwheat Hearth Loaves(GF and Vegan)
  • Cream Scones w/optional Dark Chocolate Chunks
  • Chocolate Beet Snack Cake

Baking for Tuesday November 23rd

  • (Vegan) Sourdough Spelt Rolls
  • Honey Wheat rolls
  • (GF,Vegan) Buckwheat and Cornmeal English Muffins
  • (GF) Oat Rolls w/Rosemary
  • (GF) Almond Flour Rolls
  • Pumpkin Pecan Scones
  • (GF) Corn Muffins w/Cherries and Hazelnuts

Dry Goods Available

  • (GF) Cracked Oats

No baking for the Saturday November 27th after Thanksgiving

Mosaic on the base of my wood-fired oven

COVID-19 Update

The market has created a safe shopping environment. See the Covid-19 page Like always and especially now, it will help if you place a preorder on my website or email or text me. As always, your baked goods are made with safety in mind. This is to protect you from things like allergic contamination as well as the latest virus. The bakery is well stocked and can continue to bake most items for months. I can take credit cards, cash, and checks at the market and you can also use Venmo and PayPal detailed out at Payment Options if you want to pay ahead. Pickup at the bakery will now be done in one of the two following ways:

  • Back-porch for Walk-in Customers:Find the bucket with your name on it and unscrew the lid by pressing the red tab. Grab your bread and leave any payment you want in the bucket.
  • Curbside for Drive-in Customers:Follow my directions until you get to where you see the basketball hoop in the neighborhood and across from that the West Lane. Just past that I have setup a blue beach umbrella with a Box Turtle Bakery chalkboard sign. Find the bucket with your name on it and then open it up by pressing the red tab and unscrewing it counter-clockwise. Grab you baked goods and and leave a check/cash if you aren't doing online payment. Please replace the bucket lid too and then just leave it there. Call or text me at 919-357-6034 if you have any questions. I can have things out there by 6PM Fri. or maybe a little earlier if you are coming this evening. Call me if you need to. Let me know too if you are coming Saturday morning or afternoon so I don't have things sitting out too long.

Box Turtle Bakery from adrian moreno on Vimeo.

Flat-Out Tastier from Simone Duval on Vimeo.